Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Good Person - Found!!

Here’s a lovely story from the Indian Express of 9th Jan. 2011.
It’s about Amit Kataria. He’s changing the life of his co-villagers in Choma, Palam Vihar, near the so-called badlands of heartless Delhi.
After his initial schooling  from the vilaage, he finished school from Delhi. Graduated from Delhi Univ. Then... instead of making his pot of gold in the big city, he returned to his village to help his people.
He set up a computer academy in his house. Apparently after the District Education Officer refused to allow him to start computer literacy classes in his old school. Now he has 6 teachers, and 150 students according to the article.
But his philosophy, and I wish I too could emulate his values:  "it's not about making profit. ...when the students pass out and get jobs... that gives me a lot of happiness. That I think is my real profit."
Hats off to you Amit. And thanks Shreya Sarin for bringing this superb person to us through your article.
PS – Amit has polio, and as seen in the photo accompanying the article, uses crutches to walk. Though that's the least important bit of info about this Good Person – the first to figure in the Good Person Good News blog.
How did you feel after reading about Amit? Send in your reactions...
...and if you know any good people, good news...well, share your wealth of info:)

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