Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Upbringing Brings Up Good People

This Notebook is about being a coffee beans nose cleanser, news of good people, helping people, positive people.We try to Follow some really feel good actions that take place all around us.

Amit Kataria’s perspective on profit really impressed me.  He said:  ‘It’s not about making profit. ...when the students pass out and get jobs... that gives me a lot of happiness. That I think is my real profit.’
Think about it. How many of us practice such lofty ideals. I know lot of people who have lofty ideals though... :)
Now here’s another heart warming story. You’ve read about the incidents of road rage that ravage lives in Delhi. Here’s a different case.
Ajay, while driving a Delhi Transport Corporation bus, rammed his vehicle into a car. Instead of the usual fury, fights and fisticuffs that go hand in hand with such incidents, this man astonished the couple whose car he had damaged, by doing the unthinkable – he apologised! Not only that, he also gave the couple his details and promised to pay for the repairs to their car.
Amazing, what? But there’s more.
Ajay followed up with his promise to pay by calling up the couple the following day to know the amount of damages. The couple – and see how one good deed leads to another – were so overwhelmed by his behaviour, that they refused to take any amount from him.
Ajay gives credit for his behaviour to his parents who taught him values – be good; face the consequences of your actions. 
Another Good Person in heartless Delhi. Hats off to you Ajay Kumar!!
And of course to your parents.

Do share your record of good moments, beatific moments, good people, helping people lets see how we can really cheer the year up.

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