Thursday, January 27, 2011

A GoodGentleman and Officer

The Republic Day break made me a bit lazy. So this blog entry is delayed. However after the holiday I was happy to see all cars from the colony leaving for office early on 27th.
 And me? I work from home so that’s why the glee. (Note – I’m not a GoodPerson).
A bit of broken fragrance of something called patriotism reached me this Republic Day and it took me a moment to recognise what that smell was, used as the nose is to the aroma of scams and corruption and general devilry that rules our country these days.
But enough of such negative talk. This blog should not be a victim of the pervasive negativity. So here’s another lovely story.
Admiral Ronnie Pereira was in civilian clothes while travelling in his car along with a young officer in uniform. The car broke down and the admiral insisted on pushing it himself while the junior aide, sat in the driver’s seat.
The reason? He did not want people to see a uniformed officer pushing a car.
Patriotism, values, respect for institutions, idealism, call it what you will, but I say simply – the Admiral was a GoodPerson, if ever there was one.
I bow to this Gentleman and Officer!!
(Thanks to Col B N Bhatia who wrote about this in HT recently)
So all you people out there, does this give you a GoodFeeling?

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