Saturday, January 22, 2011

A GoodPerson who is Spreading GoodLight

GoodPeople – where do they come from?
For Ajay Kumar the DTC bus driver who offered to make good the damage to the couple whose car he had inadvertently hit, it was his parents who inculcated such values in him; values that manifested as goodness when the situation arose.
In the case of Amit Kataria, who in spite of personal affliction, threw away the opportunity of financial rewards in a big city to start computer classes in his village, it must have been the sense of what he had missed in the village while growing up that motivated him to be Good.
Here’s another wonderful story of childhood memories being the impetus to do good and be good. This is the story of Gyanesh Pandey – who grew up in a village without power and suffered the tribulations that accompany a life without electricity. Gyanesh chucked a high paying job and a potentially superb career in the US to return to his roots in Bihar.
And do what? 'Give' electricity to the villages and the regions he grew up in. It’s a long story but to cut to the point, Gyanesh, along with three others formed Husk Power Systems which generates electricity – from husk, a waste product – and distributes it to the poor. It’s not free for the users. It’s a sustainable business model and it has transformed the lives of thousands of villagers in Bihar: they have light at night. Light that is pollution free (when compared to the kerosene lanterns they had to use). Light that has opened possibilities for them. The best part – the model is scalable. Husk Power Systems has an enormous potential to grow and enrich thousands of more villages.
This is a real GoodPerson. Can I imagine how much good will and good wishes people would be showering on his head? Not likely. Because, unlike Gyanesh, my imagination and my vision is too limited.
Thank you Aditya for sending in the story of Gyanesh.
If any of you out there have GoodNews, GoodPeople, GoodMoments with you, why not share those with needy people like us on this page?

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