Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is there something called GoodSuccess? You Bet!!

Question: For a GoodPerson, what defines success?
Amit Kataria – the polio affected entrepreneur running a computer training institute in his village probably feels he has tasted success when he sees the students of his institute get jobs.
Ajay Kumar - the bus driver - feels his life has been a success if he has lived up to the values his parents gave him – values of owning up responsibility for his actions and being fair and honest.
The chief executive of Husk Power Systems – who grew up in rural Bihar and left a high paying job in the US to return to his home state possibly sees success as his ability to give back to the community, the state he grew up in.
For retired Admiral Ronnie Pereira who did not save enough to be able to buy a car and travelled by two wheeler after retirement, success was being able to help others as also having lived up to the high values of the armed force services.
Answer: To every GoodPerson, success meant something different, something personal, something unique. Some things are missing though, from their definition of success: Money. Earning money. Accumulating money. Becoming Famous. Becoming Powerful. These do not seem to be the primary drivers in the lives of some of these GoodPeople.
Makes me wonder. Oh yes, it does. How can such thought processes be transferred to others so that we can live in a GoodWorld? Or at least a BetterWorld...
Any ideas?

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