Monday, March 28, 2011

GoodPeople We Met

GoodPeople are there. Rare, but very much there.
Much like the pure white chameli flowers scattered on the dew wet greens.
The eternal question: What makes GoodPeople good -  circumstances, childhood incidents, parental training, the environment, intrinsic genetic motivation? We can only speculate.
But these GoodPeople cover the earth with a carpet to help us walk past the not-so-good times, people, and experiences. It’s almost as if god or the unknown forces of existence have strewn our timespace with such individuals to help us in our passage through this life.
Looking back, let’s revisit some of the GoodPeople mentioned in the blog:
1.       There’s Amit Kataria – the polio stricken entrepreneur and bigheart. He’s changing the life of his co-villagers in Choma, Palam Vihar, near the so-called badlands of heartless Delhi.
2.       We read about Ajay, the principled driver, who while driving a Delhi Transport Corporation bus, rammed his vehicle into a car and wanted to make good all damages he had caused. Ajay gives credit for his behaviour to his parents who taught him values – be good; face the consequences of your actions.
3.       Then we looked at Gyanesh Pandey – who grew up in a village without power and suffered the tribulations that accompany a life without electricity. Gyanesh chucked a high paying job and a potentially superb career in the US to return to his roots in Bihar. And do what? Give electricity to the villages and the regions he grew up in.
4.       Another GoodPerson - Admiral Ronnie Pereira for whom upholding the honour and prestige of the armed forces and the uniform is paramount. He was in civilian clothes while travelling in his car along with a junior officer in uniform. The car broke down and the admiral insisted on pushing it himself while the aide sat in the driver’s seat. The reason? Admiral Periera did not want people to see a uniformed officer pushing a car.
5.       Pt. Bhimsen Joshi again epitomised GoodSuccess – his dedication to his art took him to spiritual heights we mortals can barely dream of.
6.       Mr. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – the TV chef - whose efforts may lead to millions of fish being saved over the years. Thanks to him, a stupid practice that costs thousands of lives (fish lives) may be discontinued.
So who’s your GoodestPerson?
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