Sunday, April 17, 2011

The GoodMen of Fukushima

Have been following the events at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, post the tsunami and earthquake.
Have read about the valiant efforts made by ordinary employees - ordinary people working in the plant - to control the radiation even at the cost of their own (future) health. That’s bravery and goodness at its best.
 An extraordinary situation comes to confront these ordinary people (they are like you and me) and they make extraordinary choices – like staying back and trying to control the leaks instead of running away.
Because they are GoodPeople.
Makes me think Goodness is more widespread in ordinary people, ordinary human beings than we think.
Like the father who, just a month away from retirement, insisted on staying on and fighting in the plant instead of going home to his family.
Or the 22 year old Michiko Otsuki (refer his translated blog in Today, Friday March 18th) who along with others ‘worked till 3 am doing repair work, not abandoning the plant, staying and fighting... without a second thought about their lives.’
These human beings caught in forces beyond their control were ready to play with their lives in order to prevent a bigger disaster.
Makes me think that though the media is full of bad news of bad people (scamsters, scumbags and sycophants), there are enough GoodPeople on this earth.
Goodness will prevail.