Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A GoodReview from The Tribune

The Kabab Maker and the Consultant by Arun Sikka (Pub. Rupa)

The 12 stories in this collection envelop one’s senses and transport one to a world one thought had long vanished....
This book’s characters look so real, and their worlds so familiar, that you get immersed in the action without realizing it. Whether it is Satish’s simple dreams in Derailed, Sunita’s encounter with Kumar and Munni in A New Moon, or the resolution of caste prejudice of an upper-caste maid in Three Women in the Kitchen the tales are incredibly credible as is the corrupt and artful babu in Oh, to Sing the Songs I Like and The Savior. Although my favourite is A Holy War many readers will find the Ambush!! entertaining. In fact, there are quite a few with philosophical slant that leave one wondering at the ways of destiny.

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