Sunday, May 22, 2011

221st in India - after 31 exams

A story of a GoodAchiever. Inspiring.
M A Shihab  cleared the prestigious Union Public Service  Examination on his third attempt.
Nothing too great about that. But when you understand his background, you realise what an achievement this is.
Failures abound in his life. Sorry that should read – failures as defined by ordinary people like us -abound in his extra ordinary life.
Constantly trying, constantly struggling he has appeared for over thirty - yes thirty - entrance examinations conducted by various government agencies so far. Examinations for forester, jail warden, ticket examiner in the railways... he has appeared for them all and finally his never-say-give-up approach has got him the 221st rank in the Civil services Examination – without the benefit of coaching classes, without a great grasp over English or Malayalam (he studied in a charitable Arabic medium school), without parents to guide him (he grew up in an orphanage).
He’s an achiever thanks to the tough times he has lived through. And he’ll remain an achiever whatever comes his way, because of this extraordinary, gung ho attitude.
A GoodAchiever if ever there was one.

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