Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Encounters of God's Will?

Raman travels long distance – by train – almost every month on business development trips. He’s read ‘Three Journey’s Randomly Taken and the Hand of God’ thrice. He’s simply fascinated by the story. Other readers have also mentioned it as one of their favourite stories. So here’s a bit of background on that story.
I love train travel. So I had to write a story with trains as part of the setting,,,
Incidentally, all the timings and the train routes mentioned in the story are authentic. Yes, I had to do a bit of research – to see for example where the train stops at breakfast time or lunch time – because one of the characters is immensely fond of eating.
As one reader wrote, there is no answer to the question – randomness or hand of God - but what happens is for one’s good....
While plotting this story I had to do a lot of balancing between the journeys and the narratives so that the reader does not get confused. Am glad people have liked it.
About my love for trains and train travel?
Well sadly the Indian Railways have tried their best to kill it. The trains and the stations are so dirty, so filthy, so disgusting – especially major stations like Delhi – and the ‘loos’ even of so called prestigious Rajdhani and Shatabdi and Duronto trains so unusable – I’m not sure if I like train travel that much.
Bokaro station finds mention in the story. It's one of the cleanest stations I have seen. Kudos to the Bokaro station team!
And a big thumbs-down to the (horrible) New Delhi station team.

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