Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tea in 'The New Moon'

I was reading the story New Moon … and after reading barely 2 pages I said to my wife I cannot hold on I need Tea!! (Not because the book was making me sleep but the way the hot cup of tea is described, it just aroused a strong craving for tea)
That's one of the cherished mails I have received from one of the readers of 'The Kabab Maker and the Consultant'.
Like him, I too love my cup of tea. And so, well... tea figures prominently in the book.
I have strong views about tea. In fact for many years I held the view that people who don’t drink tea cannot be trusted. We humans have a tendency to force fit facts to our beliefs and so quite a few colleagues who were not tea drinkers could not win my trust.!
This love for tea probably grew in college where the highlight of the day would be sitting at the chai dhaba outside the college walls. And then, while touring the country – especially North India – being plied with tea at every dealer shop.
The tea metaphor lent itself quite well, I thought, to draw a distinction between the background of the three characters in ‘Flowers that Blush Unseen’.
As long as there's tea to drink, there'll be writers to write and readers to comment.
So as we say... Jai Chai! Long live tea!

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