Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Corrupt

With the movement against corruption finally surging through urban educated urbane India, I go back to one of the stories in ‘The Kabab Maker and the Consultant’.
In ‘Oh to Sing the Songs I Like’ I took the liberty of imagining the mind of a sleazy, corrupt babu.
Surprisingly his mindset, his aspirations, his constraints and his forlorn life, managed to generate a bit of sympathy for him among some of the readers.
Just shows how many shades of grey ripple through us human beings!
Of course the poor guy in the story - ‘Oh to Sing the Songs I Like’ - does get visited by an angel of justice - though even the angel is not spotless.
So who do we dislike more - the givers of bribe or the taker of bribes. I’d say the taker because among the givers are people like us.
Let’s hope this surging wave doesn’t fizzle out after a few months. Will it do anything to cleanse the nation of both Big and Small bribe takers?
I reserve my judgement.

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