Friday, August 5, 2011

Temples or Trees?

The critic in the Tribune says ‘The Holy War’ is his favourite story in the book - ‘The Kabab Maker and the Consultant’.
That’s satisfying! Because in this story I took up an issue I feel strongly about – and that is that our places of worship give such low priority to nature and trees.
The current trend to ‘marbleize’ – if that’s a word – some religious places has resulted in the slow death of magnificent ancient native trees that had flourished for decades in the premises.
What a tragedy! How sad!
So called grand structures that cost millions of rupees are built in stone and brick and cement and marble; and no effort is spared to copy traditional designs. But trees? No sir, that’s not what the God's of today want (ok except maybe one peepul tree).

You pave every square inch with marble and leave no breathing space for the roots of the tree, nor do you plant trees and greenery. So what do you have? A stark white dead quadrangle.
Wouldn't you rather pray here?
I’d rather pray at a simple looking structure surrounded by trees and bushes and flowers and grass; that is green and reminds you that there is a God who created Nature. Rather than go to an edifice where you have to imagine a God who is buried somewhere amidst the tons of marble and stone and tiles.

What about you?

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