Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 26 year old and me - Part II

just go and talk to the people, see the environment and what you want to do. Afterall you are going to spend atleast 1/3rd of time around with the ppl in the company...

Some more sane advice... thank you all:

never think something is big or something is small...just see the state of LSI and Google. 
Posted by SUDHAKARA .

Join a start up. You are young enough to take a risk on an exciting and learning adventure. 
Posted by Kris Muthukrishnan (LION)

If you are willing to put 19hrs/day x 365 days and live, breath, drink, dream of the work you have been working on in the start-up you are going to join, then it is best to join the start-up. 

It would be suitable if you are not married, or married with someone who is also willing to be part of start-up and live with 2-minute noodles for an year if needed. Or someone who has enough savings/parent support to survive for 6 months to an year without pay.

In Large organization you learn management skills, survival skills, people skills while you try your technology ideas after convincing your higher ups. Most of us give up with their in Large organization in few years by trying to convince that your idea will work and stick to management goals. There are some exceptions, but mostly it is what I have witnessed. 
Posted by Raj RajaDurai

Where's he gone? Start up.

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