Saturday, March 10, 2012

Start-up or not? Some sane advice - PART I

Thanks to the chappies out there who sent in some very useful tips. Here's a sampling of a few of them. I guess it will be useful for other 26 year old youngsters facing a similar dilemma. I can do nothing better than quate ad verbatim, so here goes:


If a 26-year old cannot answer the question for himself, he is not worth hiring either in a startup or in a large organization. And, very probably, not worth answering to, either!

@Sateesh Kumar: 

It may not be such a bad idea to actually go and try both. You would, I am sure, have enough time in your hand to have actually tried out both, before turning 26. 

@ All:

The question is no longer as pointed as it used to be. That old idea of sticking with just one company for decades (if not for the whole life) have long ago disappeared. In fact, many other ideas have disappeared, too. The idea that consulting requires experience or deep expertise (esp. if you are a JPBTI approaching the Tatas); or the idea that hard-work put in by a consultant needs to be paid for (esp. if you are either a company floated by an IIT professor or are MNC and the consultant is an otherwise jobless Indian); etc. Many old ideas no longer apply in the new principles-less world. 
Posted by Ajit Jadhav

Thanks Ajit. I think this fellow is going to take a decision next week. So till then...

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