Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How do I count the number of ways in which we touch others?

How do I count the number of ways in which we touch others?
The blog entry touched a nerve, a memory, an experience among many, and some were kind enough to share their thoughts. I can only thank them by putting down their responses ad verbatim here:
The most amazing one is this -   

Yes, it's always a surprise to see how our writing can touch another person. When I wrote my memoir, Silent Echoes, I found Carol, a published author at a local college, to help me edit my book. Carol had been adopted at age 4, then as an adult traced her biological family, but only found a brother and sister. The others were gone. As she read my manuscript, she was astounded to find her biological family living the pages of the book she had been hired to edit. In 1922 my mother ran away from an orphanage in New York and ended up in Florida where Carol's great aunt took my mother in and became a second mother to her. Carol's family then became like family to my family. This was all corroborated in Carol's genealogy book. Our reunion last year is now on youtube. (Woman uncovers birth family through a book) Carol has learned much about her family through my memories, and I feel blessed through my book. Life is indeed stranger than fiction. 
Posted by Marilyn Fowler

Marilyn – thank you for sharing this. It touched me...

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