Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Reasons you must visit Tam Coc

Looking for a travel destination with unforgettable sights? 

Tam Coc in Vietnam (three/four hours comfortable drive from Hanoi) won’t disappoint you. Tam Coc was wonderful in January. The river had spilled over its banks and flowed into the flatland between the limestone peaks – they call them karsts. Geological wonders, beautiful outcrops of creation I call them - I haven’t seen such formations anywhere else (of course I haven’t travelled all over the world).

I loved the expanse of water – not too deep, probably a meter or two – spreading out between the ‘hills’ that had created a basin for this vast sheet of water. It was like boating in the wetlands, but with the feel of being in a remote mountain lake!

At the edge a man walks in waist deep water – setting up his fishing nets. At the top of one of the peaks a pagoda winks at us – improbably high up. And on one of the sheer vertical flanks of the ‘hill’, a mountain goat stands contemplating the landscape. How it got there and how it will get off a mystery to us.

It’s an amazing experience!Tam Coc is much better than Halong Bay against which it is often measured.

So I give you three reasons to add Tam Coc to your ‘must see’ list: 
1. Unparalleled scenery: It’s an absolutely amazing landscape with the limestone karsts holding the lake in the palm of their hands 
2. Convenient location: It’s a comfortable day trip from Hanoi – get back by evening and soak in the bath tub in your hotel. 
3. Unique Sights: The women row with their feet!
I didn't have time to see if there's a vegetarian restaurant there (I was looking for something like Com Pho Co)
Let me know if you enjoyed the visit.

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