Friday, May 31, 2013

Bell Bajao - Ring in the Change for Women

One of the issues I feel strongly about is the physical and psychological abuse of women. Ironically the solution lies in the parents’ hands.
Mother: The thoughts and feelings she transfers to the child in the womb; and then the sensitivity with which she brings up her children.
Father: The family environment where the father secedes power instead of absorbing it – he walks (figuratively speaking) two steps behind his wife and respects and encourages her.
In reality a lot of image and stereotype reinforcement happens subtly at home.
So I’m going to Ring the Bell by telling the ‘mother’ and the ‘mother in law’ not to promote gender discrimination by saying, ‘Son, have you eaten your food?’ Instead she should ask the daughter / daughter in law whether they have taken their food.
Similarly I’ll tell them not to ask the daughter in law ‘Have you served food to ‘him’? Beta bhookha hai.’ Instead ask the son to serve the daughter-in-law!

If I can change these two, I would have done my bit.

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