Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poached Salmon at IKEA

Like hunger, physical love is a necessity. But man’s appetite for amour is never so regular or sustained as his appetite for the delights of the table.
Honore de Balzac

And so, in the commendable spirit espoused by Balzac, we go to the Ikea Restaurant at Alexandria Road. It’s the poached salmon that I'd been eyeing, that yummy looking dish with the yellow coloured sauce. Costs 8 SD which is great for the value. The cafe closes at 10 pm, but on a busy day I'm scared they might run out of the dish I crave - so I reach early in the evening. The restaurant itself has a vibrant buzz and there’s heavy movement of men, women, children and food. 

You pick up your tray, go along swiftly moving queue – grab a salad or dessert if you want and then in the cafeteria style counter ask for the poached salmon – a fat portion served with boiled veggies and boiled potatoes. I wait for him to pour a ladle of the yellow sauce – it’s 'chives sauce' according to the IKEA website, and it’s light and just the right thickness - over the salmon, before rushing to the payment counter and over to our table which we had blocked by keeping my knapsack.

It’s glorious, the dish. Fresh, juicy and pink on the inside, it’s a complete meal of protein, carbs and omega 3.
Other attractions – the mushroom soup and the black coffee are also great. And then the atmosphere - there’s a vibrancy that so encourages philosophical discussions, only you must raise your voice to hear yourself.

What’s lacking? Oh, the washroom – it’s always wet, and inspite of giving repeated feedback, doesn’t match up to what you'd expect of the hygiene levels in either Singapore or Sweden.
Bottom Line - Go and eat at the Ikea cafe. Period.

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