Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aonang Phu Petra Resort, Krabi: Superb setting, but...

Tucked in thick greenery at the base of a spectacular cliff just off the main Aonang Road, Aonang Phu Petra Resort Krabi gets full marks for its unique location. Yes it’s a resort with great potential. But... 

It’s run by a schoolmaster perhaps. This was the first time in decades of travel that I had to sign a stock ledger sheet listing the articles and objects in the room. Too tired to do a physical audit, I signed the sheet blindly. And then (for want of a better description) the Chief Warden flashed a patently forced smile and handed over the room keys. The feeling of being in school deepened as I read the signs in the room – "broken water bottle will cost you... baht; lose the umbrella and it will cost you... baht; any damage to the cups and saucers you will be billed... baht."
I had no choice but to live on in fear for the next two days: I hope they don’t charge me for over-scrubbing with the towel; or for getting the bathroom floor too wet; or playing with the cushions... Maybe they’d been hit by an epidemic of pilfering, but you can’t run a resort in this manner. So you’ll appreciate how coming in from Beyond Resort, Krabi, this was such a shock. 
Once you overcome this trauma, however, you appreciate the physical environs of the resort, which are charming indeed.
  •    The setting: yes - it's a great backdrop. 
  • The cottages peep out of an emerald blanket of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Lovely.
  • The rooms ooze comfort and seduction.
  • The verandah is ideal for relaxing with a drink.
  • The road in front of the resort meanders into enchanting wooded country. A great place to go for a stroll or just amble aimlessly in the silence of the forest. 
  • The king sized bathroom: it's a hidden treasure.
  • And then there’s the imperious croaking of the bull frogs. When it's raining and it's dark outside this is an unforgettable experience.
Not so cool:
  1. The roof of our room leaked. 
  2. Pest control. We witnessed the humbling sight of a mighty army of ants beating us to our lunch.
  3. The shuttle service to town. It's a rickety van with uncomfortable bench seats. Mind your foot as you climb, and hang on there...

 So what works?  (Or why I'd still recommend Aonang Phu Petra Resort)
  • Secluded location 
  • Great bathroom and beds 
  • The verandah – you could be in the middle of God's own country - Kerala


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