Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Reasons to Stay at Beyond Resort, Krabi

Luxuriate forever on the huge beds in the spacious Villa rooms; or watch the sea endlessly from the deck; or float the days through in the infinity pool; Or meditate. If you can get away from the beach that is.
Of Krabi’s beaches, Ao Nang is great, Noparat Thara is long and flat, Railey is not worth the longtail boat journey. But it's the beach at Beyond Resort that will remain in your mind. Idyllic, quiet, peaceful. Great sand. Clean water gentle enough to go kayaking in yet strong enough to topple you. Like a friendly Alsatian.
The Beach at Beyond, Krabi

The Beach at Beyond, Krabi

When hunger clobbers you,
Happy Hour @Beach
roll down to the beachfront
eatery. “@ Beach Bar & Restaurant”.
Good food on order and on demand. More important, good vegetarian
food. Not as much variety as we saw in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, but good.
Reasonably priced unlike
some of the less spectacular
but more pretentious
places in Ao Nang.

At night let the green lights over the distance where fishing boats coax the marine life to bite mesmerise you. And star gaze as the clear night sky throws up the constellations – Scorpio overhead in August. There’s no end to the murmur of the surf - now a recurring baton of white in the dark. But you've got to go to sleep, don’t you?
The staff is friendly and helpful. And I don’t just mean that they smile. In Beyond Resort the ever energetic Oliver who is 'everywhere at once' and the knowledgable Aon at the restaurant – they made our trip special and they stand out in our memory.
The villa

The hotel has placed great emphasis on aesthetics, and use of local material for decoration, chairs, floorboards, outdoor lights, plant holders etc. I liked that. It's Light, open, airy.
The lobby at night

Facts: Beyond Resort on Nongtalay, Muang, Krabi. 40 minutes from Krabi airport. Prepaid taxi counter at airport. 171 rooms. 171 rooms? Really? It seems so quiet and boutique-ish and exclusive.

Not cool: No regular shuttle service to town provided by the resort.

So my ‘Three reasons to stay at Beyond:'

  1. Location – Quiet, away from the town, great beach
  2. Experience – Great to rest, relax and recuperate
  3. Value – Book through the internet, have a great time, you won’t return with an empty wallet
Our neighbours

And a bonus reason: Our neighbours

(That’s ten reasons actually!)

Stay there and tell me if you liked it.

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