Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Krabi Night Market. Cute and Comfortable.

At first glance, the Night Market disappointed me. It’s but a small lane which opens up into a piazza. After the experience of the Night Market at Hanoi, this was, I thought, not even a baby market. And in the rainy season, quite a few stalls had not been set up, leaving large gaps in the precinct. As if someone had lost a few teeth. Only it is cleaner, less chaotic, more disciplined than any bazaar or souk could hope to be. And slowly it won me over. Its compactness was its strength and I could cover it twice over in no time and not get lost. There’s lots of food – I had one of the best shawarma I’ve eaten this side of the Persian Gulf. And only 50 Baht.

A restaurateur in Ao Nang had told us he invariably comes to eat here on Sundays when his own restaurant closes early. And his credentials include an impressive stomach and an equally voluptuous double chin.
You will certainly buy things you don’t want or even need - Clothes, batik, footwear, paintings, cocnut shell products, magnets, keychains, rings... but that's the whole point, isn't it?
A roadside artist – live sketch in three minutes – and a street singer complete the picture.
Ultimately I was glad I came.
So the one reason to visit the Night Market at Krabi:
It’s short and sweet.

(The market I mean, not the reason)

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My Unfinished Life said...

My friend highly recommended Krabi for travel instead of pattaya!