Sunday, June 22, 2014

Three reasons why the #jodeydilonko Indiblogger meet was so memorable

1. The crowd. This is India’s future. Involved, thinking, energetic, talented. The disparate group of Delhi bloggers suddenly got transformed into a ‘team’ thanks to the contest with the Bombay bloggers. (and vice versa). It was great to see the competitive spirit as we fought with the Bombayites to defend the indefensible - that Delhi has the best looking men, the best transport and the best weather. Good clean fun. Nihal and Anup managed it smoothly. Dilon ko jod diya unhoney!
2. Imran Abbas. The handsome talented actor from Pakistan came across as a great ambassador of his country, his province and his industry. Balanced, sensitive, articulate. And the song he sung – mera desh aur tera desh. What a wonderfully intelligent choice of a song. Very moving. Jod diya dilon ko usney!
3. The food. Let’s be frank. Nothing moves us like good food. Many buffet meals dished out at weddings, meetings, conferences are washouts. But not this one. The quality of lunch and high tea was outstanding. Most of us hogged. Wonderful food as always from the Taj. As they say, the way to a man’s heart (and a woman’s) is through the stomach. Kitney dil or paet jod diye inhoney!

And a bonus reason: hearing Ravi Nitesh’s heart warming stories about the hospitality he experienced during his visit to Lahore. Truly jod diya dilon ko!

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