Friday, July 4, 2014

The Anti Spitter Super ZenFone

Spit Anticipator – that’s the super power I’d give my ASUS ZenFone.
Every day I see people spitting on the road. Youngsters, elderly people, middle aged characters, men, women... everyone spits. When I try to educate them on this terrible habit – bad manners, spread of disease, poor civic sense, and the like, I get either a dirty look, or an abuse or an insult. Once I even got threatened. So I have stopped trying to stop this terrible malaise in society.
I want the phone to anticipate the spitter, detect the potential people even before they have gathered the glob in their mouth, and through the strength of its AI, send  electromagnetic waves that will freeze – temporarily – their facial muscles. And if it finds a repeat offender, shoot off the waves that will resonate with their dental fillings and create a screech in their heads like the scratching of nails on the blackboard.
Result – cleaner roads, better mannered people, transformation in society. The younger set will not see the oldies spitting and hence will not try to emulate them. 
India will truly become Incredible - thanks to my ASUS ZenFone.
You should try it too. 
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