Friday, August 29, 2014

Delhi to Poona Road Trip. A convenient pit stop. Matts Hotel, Udaipur

‘It’s a decent omelette toast place right on the highway at Udaipur bye pass,’ said the friend who had recommended the place.

The view from the drive
Matts 'Cheerful Pink' Hotel

An unusual welcome:
It was dusk by the time we reached Udaipur after driving 12 hours from Delhi – 700 km away. Because of a power cut we couldn't see anything on either side of the highway. We were sure we’d miss the turning into the hotel. We drove slowly, talking to the hotel receptionist all the time until we saw on the left, a couple of torches being flashed vigorously. The boys from the hotel had come down to the main road and were desperately signalling to us using their flashlights. Never in our life had we been welcomed into a hotel like this.
In the darkness the hotel looked eerie and dangerous and in the middle of nowhere. Soon the generator came on and the pools of light dispelling the darkness were a big relief. We ordered a pot of tea and then went to see the rooms, repeatedly asking if we were the sole guests in the ghostly twenty room property. 
Ashok (name changed) was everything from the receptionist to the waiter, and as we discovered later, even the cook. He said four rooms are occupied. We didn’t believe him, but we were too tired to go hotel searching after the long drive from Delhi. We checked in. Dinner was cooked on order. To be safe – because we'd been told this was a bread omellette property – we ordered basic tandoori roti and dal and egg bhurji. The food was tasty.

Great location for travellers:
Conveniently located on NH8 bye pass on the Ahmedabad side of Udaipur, Matts Hotel is a standalone property and so it’s surrounded by greenery. It is built on the slope of a hill just off the highway. Although at night it had looked isolated and lonely, in the daylight it turned out to be a cheerful place, pink coloured and with geese in the small pond. A cross between a homely inn and a highway motel.

The good:
The food is made on order and so is fresh and basic. Less oil, no chilly we said, and that’s the way it was made. Non fried paratha stuffed with cauliflower. And we got it. Pretty good. The tandoor is always hot and working we were told.
The rooms are basic and reasonably clean. The non a.c. rooms had a musty smell. So we chose the a.c. room. Sheets were clean but we didn’t trust the blankets. The room was spacious and not like the typical hotel room – antiseptic and standardised. That was a plus point.
The staff is friendly and helpful. 

And the bad:
The bathroom was the weakest link. Although clean, the flush cistern kept overflowing, the seat was broken, the shower head was stuck... I wish they'd paid some attention to maintenance. But this is typical of many Indian culture – build and forget. The God’s are there to take care of the maintenance.

To sum up:
So if you’ve driven 700 km from Delhi on the way to Poona (or Bombay), this is a convenient place to take an overnight halt without getting into the city traffic.

In short - Nothing fancy. But convenient and (reasonably) clean.

Matts Hotel, National Highway 8, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313801.Tel. 0294 329 0275


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