Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snakes Alive! Or is it a darshan from Shankar Bhagwan?

What do you do when you see a snake slithering two feet away from the driver's door of your car?

Continuing our road trip from Delhi to Poona, we had exited NH8 and were sailing down the slip road towards Navsari, our night halt, when we spotted a mandir on the left. On orders from the wife we drove into the temple premises. The spotlessly clean temple and the murtis - dressed in exquisite clothes and adorned with mounds of jewellery - were primed to awaken devotion.
A sign pointed towards the dharamshala in the temple complex. I asked the priest if we could stay there for the night. He assured me that God belongs to everyone (and of course vice versa), and he directed us to Jugalbhai.
We drove down the the path to the lodging area and parked the car in a dark, poorly lit courtyard. After a 500 Km. drive, I was looking forward to ensconcing my limbs in fresh, clean linen in a cozy bed. But the rooms, in sharp contrast to the main temple, were shabby, musty and had paint peeling off the walls. The linen was crumpled and unwashed.
We ran out. Obviously the standards for God are different from those for Men.
As we were making a dash for the car, willingly forgoing the opportunity of staying in these spiritually exalted premises, we froze - a coiled figure lay slithering near the front wheel of the car. Dark or black or silver reflecting the light, it was at least six or seven feet long. Fascinated and frozen, we stared at it in fear and horror. A few seconds later, as if satisfied that we'd had a good look at it, the snake slid into the undergrowth of the garden. We rushed to the car using our phones to light our path. We opened the door of the car, jumped in, shut the doors, reversed and sped off towards the nearest hotel.

Now here's the rub.
This was the holy month of Shravan. And incidentally just after we had left Udaipur in the morning, Pt. Ram Mohan who had done the puja at many a family function had rung up hoping we’d call him for conducting Shankar bhagwan’s puja because ‘that is auspicious in this month.’ But on learning we were out of Delhi, he had, masking his disappointment, urged me to get the Shivji puja done anyhow.
And to see a snake that very evening... and Jugalbhai, when we'd asked him if it was a common sight, had kept muttering that this was the first time he’d ever seen a snake.
Just proves my point, the wife said smugly. This was a message from Lord Shiva, a darshan from Shankar Bhagwan. He only got us here, to this temple in Navsari all the way from Delhi....
Maybe you are right, I said. Though some darshans are best taken from a distance, I added.
But not so loudly that she could hear me.
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Nikhil said...

Such small incidents do strengthen our beliefs.
Nice write up and great to hear that you are on a road trip. :)

SA6591 said...

Agree with you Nikhil. And logic cannot explain such things