Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

We are a retired service couple – any major expense towards the fag end of the month is frowned upon as we live within a fixed budget. My wife knows this. Yet every second month she would ask me for money over and above the budget to pay the maid’s salary advance around the 25th of the month. This was because the maid’s 10 year old son was always falling sick. The husband drinks away a substantial part of his earnings and the poor woman has to fend for the house as well as the doctor’s bills. I won’t be wrong in saying that because of the child’s health, the maid was very troubled.
Obviously the child’s immunity was low and that’s why he fell sick so regularly. Something had to be done.
I asked for the daily diet of the child – and the maid shocked me. She revealed that almost every other day she would feed her son chips, bhujia and stuff like that. Why? Because he wanted it. He liked it. She would buy the small packets from the shop downstairs and take them home for the son. We immediately forced her to stop this indulgence. My wife made her replace the snack with black gram, jiggery, amla and dalia. Then we got her a bottle of Chyawanprash and told her to give one spoon of Chyawanprash to her son every day. Because of the taste, the young boy eagerly lapped up his daily spoon of Chyawanprash. The frequency of chips was reduced to once a week.
Slowly, not immediately, but over a period of time, the change in diet bore some result. The boy’s perennial running nose and cold and cough came under control. For the first time in months she didn’t have to rush the child to a doctor. The saving of the doctor’s fees was more than the cost of the Chyawanprash we showed her, and she understood.
Next month she bought the Chyawanprash on her own. The child’s health is much better now, and the maid is a happier woman. Less harried, less tense, better able to tackle her husband. Yes, a Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home.
The best part was that the ripples of this success story spread in the hutments surrounding her home and some of the neighbouring women also started giving Chyawanprash to their children. Along with the jiggery and gramflour laddoos that my wife had introduced. The children were more active, there were more smiles on their faces, and the homes were happier. It was a transformation of a small part of society and it happened right under our nose.
I will go so far and say, A Healthy Dose of Chyawanprash Makes a Happy Home.

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