Friday, March 13, 2015

A New Start

For any new start, housing Housing is so important for all of us. is a useful site. Look at the video above. In my story, home and house play a big role as you will see below.

The bold step by which life has been transformed is the tale of my marriage. After getting married, I continued to be cocooned in a sheltered existence with spouse and small children. I lived in my own world. I was happy because there were no distractions like the internet based applications on the phones that you find these days. So there was no question of getting addicted to these applications, no question of spending hours locked into your phone or the laptop.
One day an 'educational consultant' came and knocked on the door. In spite of being irritated by this disturbance to my afternoon siesta, I was intrigued and I ushered him in.
I was excited for the sake of the children wondering what goodies he had which would benefit them. The product he showed was a whole range of glossy well illustrated, excellently produced books for kids of the exact age group of my children.
I was mesmerised.
I wanted the children to have these books. But I could not afford the set. The consultant solved my dilemma by saying that if I could sell ten of those sets, I would get mine free. Everyone in the family was totally against the idea because I had never gone out into the 'big, bad' world. Where was the question of selling these books to ten customers. The consultant bid adieu  but secretly I kept his visiting card.
And so my journey began. Every day I would make my secret list of cold contacts - I couldn't go to my friends or relatives because I was not supposed to be doing what I was doing. So I went to bank managers, school teachers, some offices in the vicinity of our house. I obviously could not venture out too far as I had to be back home by the time the kids came home. On some calls I even took the children along - and they promised not to let out my secret. I learnt the skills of listening, speaking, overcoming objections, making presentations. I literally re-learnt how to write a proposal. And slowly I did make progress. The first order was of course the most exciting. I was so overjoyed, I told everyone - my secret was out!
However, once I had got that, the family became more supportive and I gained in confidence. Day after day, week after week, month after month I went out - in the heat of summer and in the wetness of the monsoons. Slowly my successes increased in number.
Finally I got the magic number of ten sales and in the following week, the handsome, well bound gift set of the books was delivered to our house. The family was overwhelmed. The children have read those books over and over again as they have grown up. Perhaps oneday there kids will read these same books.
To this day, after all the years, the books still occupy pride of place in our house even though we have shifted so many times.
People saw the change in me and started commenting on my new personality. I gained inner strength by which I can now brave any domain hitherto undreamed of - government offices, embassies, corporations, you name it.
All because of that one big bold step.

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